Welcome to the Free Dmitry - LA resource collection site.

This site is a general repository for materials and information of interest to people participating in the Free Dmitry campaign in the greater Los Angeles area. Please direct comments and suggestions about this site to bobds@blorch.org.

The primary national site (http://www.freesklyarov.org) also has links to various resource pages, regional and local organizations, status updates, and general news. The primary Los Angeles site is http://la.freesklyarov.org.

The national mailing list for this topic (including a self-serve signup mechanism) is at http://zork.net/mailman/listinfo/free-sklyarov. The Los Angeles area ones are http://www.hackhawk.net/mailman/listinfo/notdmcala (discussions about planning and organizing events) and http://www.hackhawk.net/mailman/listinfo/freedsannounce (low-volume event announcement list).

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Basis for the uproar

Text of the DMCA itself from the Library of Congress (in PDF, how droll!)

Scanned image of the FBI criminal complaint


Standard petition text . These are the versions that the whole Free Dmitry movement has adopted. One is intended for Congress members, and the other is for the Attorney General.

Find your Congressional representative's name here .

Please send signed hardcopies to Don Marti, who will compile them. Keep copies for yourself and mail the originals:

Don Marti
900 High School Way #2125
Mountain View, California 94041


Bumper Stickers

(including where to buy materials and how to make them at home)


Los Angeles upcoming events, focused on Dmitry (as opposed to Dmitry/DMCA):
In PDF form

AAP member list

Professional societies

Press contacts




Government contacts



Los Angeles County

City of Los Angeles