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The Story

photo of dmitry Dmitry Sklyarov is a Russian Ph.D. student who was arrested at DefCon 9, a security convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on July 17.

Dmitry authored software that allows legitimate purchasers of eBooks to convert those eBooks into a more Portable Document Format (PDF). The software enables eBook owners to print their ebooks, and to view them on other computers. The software also makes it possible to use text to speech software so the visually impaired can have their eBook read aloud.

In fact fair use rights to obtain and use a wide array of information are essential to the exercise of First Amendment rights. The very vibrancy of our democracy is dependent on the information availability and use facilitated by the Fair Use Doctrine.

The time, in my view, has come for the Congress to reaffirm the Fair Use Doctrine and to bolster specific fair use rights which are now at risk.

Congressman Rick Boucher (D Virginia) --link to full article)

Recently, Dmitry presented what he had learned about the Adobe eBook format at the DefCon security conference in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately for Dmitry, his presentation embarrassed Adobe Systems by pointing out the week security used in the eBook format. Dmitry was probably unaware that his software and presentation violated the controversial Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Adobe Systems filed a complaint with the FBI and alerted them of his attendance at the Las Vegas Convention. The FBI arrested Dmitry the day after his presentation on charges that he violated the DMCA.

Although Adobe Systems has withdrawn their complaint and asked for the release of Dmitry, he is still being detained in the U.S., and unable to return to his family in Russia. He faces 5 YEARS in prison and a $500,000 fine for his software and presentation.

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"Steal This Session: The DMCA Great Debate"
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protest picture
Los Angeles Times
August 29, 2001
by David Streitfeld
e-Book Software Writer Indicted
"Arresting a Russian for creating software that is legal in his country but illegal in the United States sets a bad precedent," Jackson said [Chuck Jackson, member of the Federal Communications Commission's technology advisory council]. "It seems to me an awful lot of Americans are going to be a risk in a lot of the world if we set that up as a standard.'"
New York Times
August 29, 2001
Associated Press
Russian Programmer Indicted
"We were hopeful that the government would see the wisdom and justice in not pursuing a case against Sklyarov," Burton said. "Even if one were to ignore the serious legal questions involving the (copyright protestions), this case hardly cries out for criminal prosecution. Sklyarov's and ElcomSoft's actions are not conduct that Congress intended to criminalize."
Washington Post
August 21, 2001
Jailed Under a Bad Law
"It seems wrong for Mr. Sklyarov to be subject to criminal penalties for writing a program that has potentially legal uses, without any obligation on the government's part to prove that he intended to aid piracy."
August 20, 2001
by Steven Levy
Busted by the Copyright Cops
"It would be nice to disabuse Sklyarov of that notion, but the evidence indicated that, indeed, commercial interests have led Congress to suspend free speech and fair use, and prosecutors have given us notice that we had better watch what we code, what we write and what we link to."
New York Times
August 13, 2001
by Amy Harmon
Software Double Bind
"While some users of digital media have wrestled with the 1998 copyright law's seeming contradictions, it is the Sklyarov case -- the risk criminal prosecution under the law -- that is exposing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to greater public scrutiny."
Los Angeles Times
August 6, 2001
by David Streitfeld
E-Book Saga is full of Woe -- and a bit of Intrigue
"Arresting Sklyarov was insane, but there's an increasing tension between people who need and use information and those who want to control it," said Michael Mellin, a consultant who founded Random House's electronic publishing operation."
New York Times
July 30, 2001
by Lawrence Lessig
Jail Time in the Digital Age
"This is bad law and bad policy. It not only interferes with the legitimate use of copyrighted material, it undermines security more generally. Research into security and encryption depends upon the right to crack and report. Only if weaknesses can be discovered and described openly will they be fixed."
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Congressman Rick Boucher (D Virginia) urges reaffirmation of fair use rights.

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