ENP221 - enpower.com installation notes.

With the purchase of a new enpower.com (PC Club) notebook computer, I'm diving back into having a Linux OS as my primary system. Goodbye to Windows again. Of course I'll still be running Windows in a dual boot situation just in case I need to use it for some stupid reason.

This page contains the short summary on how my installation went. For detailed information click here when I've finished with them.

Kudos to PC Club for allowing me to purchase this system with NO Operating System on it. They even gave me a discount for not purchasing the Windows OS!
Kudos toGRUB - GRand Unified Bootloader for making an easy dual boot installation possible without the need to purchase any other software.
Dissapointment Toward V-COM and its System Commander 7. I've always had good things to say about System Commander in the past. However, after spending nearly $70 on System Commander 7, I was unable to get it to install properly on this laptop with only one OS (Windows XP). It would basically hang on reboot after installing or enabling it. Although they may address/fix this problem after the holidays, I wasn't going to wait around for a week or two to get my new laptop up and running.

System Information
Model ENP221
Disk Drive Toshiba MK8025GAS
FloppyNEC USB UF000x USB Device
NetworkRealtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC
PCMCIA adapter 02Micro 0Z6912 CardBus Controller

Summary of dual-boot Install
  • Installed Windows XP Professional from bootable installation CD.
  • During the install, I Created a 6GB NTFS Partition for the install, and left all other space as FREE.

  • Installed Red Hat 9 from the bootable installation CD.
  • Chose "Manually Partition using Disk Druid" during install
  • Created hda2 ext3 / (root) partition of 6GB
  • Created hda3 swap of 1024MB
  • Chose YES to creating a Boot Disk
  • Chose Default "ATI Radeon Mobility M9" for X configuration
  • Chose Default "Unprobed Monitor" for Monitor Configuration
  • Chose Default Color Depth of 24 Bit
  • Chose Default Screen Resolution (800x600)
  • Chose Login Type "Text"
  • Modified /etc/X11/XF86Config
    Under SubSection "Display", Prepended the following to the "Modes" section
    "1280x1024" "1024x768"
  • Issued startx to start the GUI

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