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Subject : Sony VAIO error message - This application runs only on Sony VAIO series. code=(2)
Date : 09-Jun-2002

If you own a Sony VAIO laptop, and wish to install the Windows Operating System and Media Applications on it without using the Sony System Recovery CD, you may receive this error message.

After MUCH stress about this problem, I've found that fixing the problem is actually quite simple. The only problem is that Sony doesn't document how to fix the problem on their web site. So here it is.

From the Sony Application Recovery CD.

1) Under Utility - Install the "DV Shared Library"
2) Under Utility - Install the "Shared Lib/SX BIOS"

Although it doesn't have anything to do with the above problem, I also had to install the "DVCR Mini Driver" in order to get my Sony Digital Camera to work properly.
More Technical Information

You may also wish to check out the following URL if you want more technical information about why this error message is encountered. Although the page doesn't specifically describe this error message, it does describe the technical solution to fixing the problem.


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