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Subject : DALNet Trojan Scanner Probable Hoax
Date : 16-Feb-2002

A couple of weeks ago, while participating in an IRC chat room, I received a private message telling me that I was infected with a Virus. I ignored it.

Today, when I entered an IRC chat room, I received no less than 10 messages from 10 different computers in the chat room claiming that I had been infected with a virus. It appears to me that somebody created a program that relies on social engineering to infect people's computers.

The message I received is...
You have been scanned by a DALnet Trojan Scanner. And you are infected with a trojan virus. To download the DALnet virus remover, visit: http://trojan_remover.tripod.com/

Here's a link to the executable I downloaded from that site.

I posted this message to BUGTRAQ but my postings always seem to bounce. So, either my postings are incorrect and aren't worth mentioning on BUGTRAQ, or they're just to busy to be bothered by social engineering viruses. So I'll just post my findings on this site from now on.

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